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How Does it Work?

Just as every client is different, so every solution is unique. We work closely with our clients to understand their business and the difficulties they may be facing. Our expertise, knowledge and experience enable us to combine any or all of the elements of the services we offer to provide flexible, bespoke solutions tailored to address the specific accounting requirements of each client. Once we have developed an appropriate solution we agree a simple fixed fee which is written into the contract providing clarity for all parties.

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Service Key:

  • Management Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Treasury & Bacs
  • Statutory Accounting & Tax

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                                  Transaction Processing

                                  We offer a full range of processing services tailored to suit your needs, from simple online solutions to fully integrated solutions where we manage all aspects of your purchase ledger, sales invoicing and credit control.

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                                  Financial Management

                                  We will work with you to identify and implement strong financial controls, facilitating the effective management of resources, systems and funds to ensure the financial well-being of your business.

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                                  Management Reporting

                                  Management Accounting Reports are vital to enable your business to succeed and develop. We know that every company is different so we work closely with our clients to create unique, bespoke reporting solutions.

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                                  Our expert staff ensure that all your taxation and in-year regulatory reporting requirements are met in an efficient and timely manner.

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                                  We will ensure the efficient and reliable transfer of client data, using integrated solutions to eliminate errors, to enable us to accurately calculate net pay and deductions for each employee.

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                                  As a Certified Bacs Bureau we are able to ensure the timely and accurate processing of all payroll payments and deductions using Bacs or Faster Payments technology.

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                                  We can provide standard and bespoke accounting and HR reports tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We can provide data in a form suitable for direct entry into an accounting system where required.

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                                  Our systems are fully compliant with all HMRC regulations. Together with our expert staff, this enables us to ensure every payroll is operated in accordance with the appropriate legislation and all filings with HMRC are completed in an accurate and timely manner. We can also offer comprehensive Auto Enrolment services.

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                                  Payment Services

                                  We offer a range of secure, reliable and efficient methods to transmit supplier, payroll, and other payments to recipients in the UK and abroad, including Bacs and Faster Payments as well as other banking systems.

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                                  Collection Services

                                  We can provide a secure, reliable and efficient means to process and administer the collection of monies by direct debit.

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                                  Managed Services

                                  We can offer completely managed direct debit solutions to include the administration and handling of the entire direct debit process, tailored to suit specific needs regardless of volume.

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                                  Reporting & Integration

                                  Our systems enable us to provide a broad range of standard and bespoke treasury reports for delivery and, where appropriate, direct integration with our clients’ internal systems.

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                                  Tax Efficiency & Planning Service

                                  This service ensures that each client takes full advantage of all the reliefs, allowances, dispensations and timings, as well as their own situation to ensure a compliant, yet optimal degree of tax liability.

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                                  Maintenance of Statutory Accounting Records

                                  We will ensure the efficient preparation of Annual Accounts from the underlying Management Accounting and Book Keeping records to meet Statutory requirements for filing accounts and the needs of external auditors.

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                                  Personal & Corporate Tax Returns

                                  We will complete and file self assessment and corporation tax returns in accordance with agreed deadlines and in a timely manner as well as deal with the associated administration and payment of taxes.

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                                  Problem Solving

                                  • Staffmanagement

                                    Staff Management

                                    Have the difficulties and costs of recruiting, training, retaining and developing a finance team with specialist skills become a burden? The team at Eagle Consulting has expertise and experience across all areas of accounting.

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                                  • Flexibility


                                    Do you struggle to accommodate the immediate needs of expansion or contraction our fast moving, ever changing world requires? Eagle Consulting can easily absorb the changing needs of businesses giving you the flexibility you need to take your business forward.

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                                  • Responsivness


                                    Frustrated by the lack of relevant, timely, coherent financial information? Why risk taking decisions blindfold? Let Eagle Consulting provide you with world class, relevant reporting when you need it.

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                                  • Empire Building

                                    Empire Building

                                    Has the finance function taken control and become the most influential department in the business with overblown systems and expensive specialists? Can this be right?! Let Eagle Consulting handle your financial requirements and take back control of your business.

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                                  • Systemscollapse

                                    Systems Collapse

                                    Have your finance systems collapsed, perhaps through staff loss, systems failure or rapid business change? Let Eagle Consulting eliminate this risk through our robust security and contingency arrangements, the use of the latest technology and our team of highly experienced staff.

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                                  • Under Employment


                                    Are you paying an expensive accountant to manage the purchase ledger when they are trained and paid to manage financial performance? Let Eagle Consulting handle your day to day accounting and reporting requirements and allow your key staff to run the finances, not the department.

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                                  • Innovation


                                    Is your accounts department a neglected backwater? It needn't be. Let us reimagine your accounting function and provide you with the reporting you need.

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                                  What You Gain

                                  • Cost and time efficiencies

                                  • Access to extensive pool of knowledge and expertise

                                  • Service tailored to suit your business and needs

                                  • High quality, timely, bespoke reporting

                                  • Full compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements guaranteed

                                  • Peace of mind

                                  • Time to focus on your business

                                  • Greater transparency to allow effective business development

                                  • Access to the latest technology and leading edge systems

                                  • Robust security and contingency plans in place

                                  • A dedicated team always on hand to answer your queries and to provide support

                                  Harry Hornby

                                  "We will strive to deliver real and lasting benefits to your business."

                                  Harry Hornby, Chairman

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